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What is a virtual photo booth?
A virtual photo booth is an online photo booth that allows users to take photos in a web browser using the device's built in camera. Since it's web based, our virtual photo booth software can be used anywhere in the world.

What kind of events can I use a virtual photo booth for?
Anything you can think of. Virtual parties, reunions, Zoom meetings, Team Builders, weddings, graduations, trade shows, conferences, and holiday events are all perfect for a virtual photo booth.

How does a virtual photo booth work online?
Set up your event by adding your custom graphics and send your personalized link to your guests. Since it is browser based, a virtual photo booth works on any device with a camera and a web browser. Guests take photos with their personal devices and can immediately download or share them to social media. You can add a web gallery of all of the photos and even sync them to a Dropbox account (additional fees may apply.)

Can I print photos from a virtual photo booth?
Yes. For an additional fee we can simply sync your Dropbox account, and you can print photos in real time from your PC.

Can I embed the virtual photo booth in my website?
Yes. For an additional fee users have the ability to embed the booth into their own website by copying and pasting 1 line of code.

Can I white label Virtual Booth?
Yes. For an additional fee users also have the ability to use custom URLs and email addresses.

Can I use a virtual photo booth with Zoom/Teams/Meet?
Yes. Using our Virtual Booth is no different than visiting any other website. Share your event's unique URL to your attendees, and they will be able to take photos on their mobile dvice or PC.

Can I use my own graphics with a virtual photo booth?
Yes. You we can customize every aspect of the virtual photo booth by uploading your own images, backgrounds, frames & stickers.

Can I download all of the photos from my event?
Yes. You can download all of the photos from the event. You can also sync our Virtual Booth to a Dropbox account.

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